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Mar 12, 2014

The March edition of Fangirls Going Rogue is up!

To start the show off, Teresa and Tricia play our first two listener voicemails, before getting straight to the heart of the matter on the fangirl reaction to the Star Wars Rebels character reveals during New York Toy Fair. Teresa said it best, and I’ll reiterate it here. Sometimes the meaning and sincerity of fans can be lost in 140 character tweets and prose blogs. We hope that our honest and open discussion highlights how passionate the female fans are, and why we feel it is important to ask for what we want. This isn’t just about us as fans, but truly, all fans, especially the littlest ones, who aren’t blogging and opining on social media.

The discussion revolved around Teresa’s post “The Great Gender Divide” at Jedi News, my post “Fangirls Ignite a Rebellion For Their Newest Star Wars Heroines” at FANgirl, and Lisa Granshaw’s article “Where are the Women in Star Wars: Rebels?” at The Daily Dot. Lisa provided great perspective as a long time fangirl who covers pop culture for many mainstream websites like The Daily Dot, and Blastr. If you’re not following her on Twitter, now is the time!

Here are some of the articles we reference directly in the podcast:

Our special guest for this month was actress and extremely amazing fangirl Clare Grant. She talked about sharing her fandom with her friends from Team Unicorn and her husband Seth Green. With media often trying to show women pitted against one another, it was refreshing to hear Clare debunk the stereotype. Clare has some amazing projects in the works, including clothes designed for We Love Fine, a TV show Team Unicorn’s Saturday Action Fun Hour and two movies: Evil Nature and Phantom Halo. Tricia and Teresa had a chance to pick her brain on cosplay, voicing Latts Razzi on The Clone Wars, and making her award-winning fanfilm “Saber.” You can find Clare Grant on Twitter or her website.

Finally, inspired by the release of The Clone Wars: The Lost Missions, the character discussion focused on the one and only Yoda. Would we like to see more books or movies about the green Ninja frog? In keeping with tradition, Teresa and Tricia pitch a movie idea. You will have to tune in to find out what it was!

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