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Jun 26, 2014

The title of this month’s episode of Fangirls Going Rogue pretty much says it all: Vanessa Marshall and The Fangirls are B.F.F.s! Teresa and I interview the voice of Hera Syndulla, the Twi’lek pilot from Star Wars Rebels. We talk about Star Wars Weekends and connecting with fans. We both had a chance to meet Vanessa in person at Weekend One, and watched how engaged she was interacting with fans at her signings. Her passion for Star Wars, and her enthusiasm for the franchise as a fellow longtime fan, was infectious at the Behind the Force stage show, as well. And of course we made sure to include a fangirl flail in our conversation!

After our interview with Vanessa, Bethany Blanton from Star Wars Report joins us to break down the Sabine and Ezra clips from the Behind the Force shows at Weekends Two and Three, respectively. Bethany attended Weekend Two, dropping by for the RebelForce Radio meet-up and the group ride on Star Tours, so we had much to discuss. In addition, Teresa shares how much fun she had seeing “A Conversation With Mark Hamill” on Weekend Four.

Be sure not to miss our Fangirl Chat with Bethany about Star Wars Weekends or the Star Wars Report episode recapping their adventure. The RebelForce Radio episode with Jimmy Mac’s extensive report from Weekend Two’s meet-up is a ton of fun to listen. See if you can catch the fangirl flail in the background about halfway through.

Star Wars Weekends wasn’t our only topic of discussion this month, though. Shortly before we recorded came the news of the casting of Lupita Nyong’o and Gwendoline Christie in Episode VII. We express our excitement about the addition of two talented, high-profile actresses to the cast, and also share our perspectives about how fans engage with Episode VII speculation and spoilers. Here’s the FANgirl Ridley Roundup with video of stunt actress Chloe Bruce, in case you want to see what got Tricia so excited.

Finally, this month’s character discussion features the Jedi Order. Is the Jedi Order a character unto itself within the franchise? Tune into the episode to find out.

Special thanks to Tracy Cannobbio at Lucasfilm.

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