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Nov 18, 2015

After The Force Awakens trailer was unleashed, is Teresa Delgado any closer to the answer to the question #WhatsaSnoke? She discusses that and more with her fellow fangirls Tricia Barr and Sarah Woloski as they share their favorite moments from the new Star Wars footage. Girl Power is everywhere in the latest marketing push for the movie. Sarah, Teresa, and Tricia break down the latest from Gwendoline Christie’s admission of being a fangirl, Carrie Fisher’s interview of Daisy Ridley, and the amazing Duracell commercial. Then they discuss the rumors of the Slave Leia costume’s retirement. Fangirls Going Rogue listeners share their excitement over Star Wars Rebels Season 2 and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Seventh Sister. Wear Star Wars Share Star Wars Day is December 4 this year. Author Carrie Goldman stops by to explain all the ways fans can participate and gives us an update on her daughter Katie, who Star Wars fans rallied behind six years ago when she was bullied for being a fangirl. This month’s character discussion ponders Rey’s answer to the question “Who are you?” What about the line “I’m no one” makes her relatable to everyone?